Thursday, 20 October 2005

iPod to news

At the fair of Technology in Berlin in September, Polymer Vision, a company related to Philips demonstrated a prototype e-paper capable of reproducing text and images in b & w. The pocket size is appropriate and the case is reminiscent of a white ipod (photo below). With some improvements in the product (introduction of color, number of frames in an animation, storage capacity) is not hard to imagine this product called Rollover Display , debunking all MP3 players and video on the market today.

But this news should only reach the market in 2007 and is not the only company that works night and day to develop the product that should revolutionize the world. Other models may even arrive before, such as the Electronic Paper Display , the company E Ink, which today announced a digital paper capable of displaying color data and said that the product can now be produced on a large scale. TAGS: Icerocket + journalism

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